Soussio is a supporting antagonist of The Blue Bird, a French fairy tale by Madame d'Aulnoy.

She is the godmother of the antagonist Truitonne.

Role in the story

Soussio had brought up Truitonne when she was younger. When Truitonne's mother marries Florine's father, Truitonne leaves the care of Soussio and moves in with the king.

When King Charming arrives, Truitonne falls in love with him. The evil queen conspires to have Truitonne marry Charming, even though he shows no interest in Truitonne. Truitonne seeks the aid of Soussio, who tells Truitonne that it will be difficult to deceive the king, but agrees to help her. When Charming refuses to marry Truitonne, Soussio threatens to curse him if he refuses to give in to her demands. Charming still refuses, and Soussio turns him into a blue bird.

Charming visits Florine many times, convincing her of the truth. Soussio later agrees to restore Charming to his original form so he can marry Truitonne, but if he does not agree within several months, he will have to reassume his bird form.

Florine goes on a quest to save Charming from his impending marriage to Truitonne. When Florine succeeds, Soussio loses her power over Truitonne and cannot stop Florine and Charming.