What's a sour?! Only the most notorious garden vandals ever to vandalize a garden! Wild pinatas, untamed, uncontrollable!! Crazy!!!
~ Fergy, from Mad Mongo episode

Sours are characters in the Viva Pinata games (games that are about gardening simulations) and TV series. These are pests that reside in Pinata Island and enter the Garden maintained by the player gardener with the sole intent of wreaking havoc on Garden.

Short Description

Professor Pester originally had five Ruffians at his command. One of the Ruffians fell into the pot Pester was experimenting on from that pot Sours are created. The Ruffian who fell into the pot died and is left only his mask in the pot. However, the Sours were deemed a failed experiment for Pester because he could not control them.

They are grumpy pests that get their kicks from making other (usually cheerful) piñatas gloomy like them. A sour piñata is recognizable because of the fact that it'll be deep red and black in color. There are several different sour species (total of 12 species). When broken, the sour Piñata will drop seeds for weed plants. If the seeds are not handled correctly then the weeds can and will grow up to create a problem for Garden.

To prevent a Sour Piñata from entering Garden, the unnamed gardener protagonist either needs to tame the species or buy the right piece of the Tower of Sour. If the protagonist tames it, each species can help him/her out when they live in Garden.


A player can tame a sour pinata by meeting its Resident requirements. Once tamed, a totem block is added to a Tower of Sour to scare away all sour pinatas of that particular species.

To tame a sour pinata, the player must first let it run its course in the garden. It will spew up sour candies, pick fights, or eat one of the other pinatas. Once it has done that it should perform the task required for residency. Once a Tower of Sour block is added, only non-sour pinata of that species will visit the garden. To attract sour pinata, the Tower of Sour block must be disabled from the menu.

Feeding a Sour a candy called Joy Sweet can prevent it from destroying Garden and coughing up Sour Candy. However, it will stay in Garden until the effects of Sour Candy wear off. Once it does, the creature, now redeemed and is no longer a Sour, will immediately leave Garden.