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Soundwave superior, Autobots


~ Soundwave's only line

Soundwave is the communications officer of the Decepticons who also acts as Megatron's spy and the tertiary antagonist in Transformers Prime. He can talk, but choose not to, prefers communicating through replayed voice recordings. He remained loyal to Megatron through the series. He sometimes used Laserbeak for missions.

Soundwave is voiced by Frank Welker, who also voices Megatron from Transformers Prime.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Soundwave returns as a recurring antagonist again in episode Portal, where he still trapped in the Shadowzone. Soundwave followed Megatron back to Earth, but got stuck on the planet after Megatron departed. Some years after Cybertron's rebirth, a statue of Soundwave was constructed and is remembered by many as a fearsome Decepticon whom held the role in the war as Megatron's top lieutenant, and a tactical genius, were well documented on Cybertron, as was his entrapment in the Shadowzone during his final battle aboard the starship Nemesis.

After wandering aimlessly for an unspecified amount of time, Soundwave finally got his chance to escape the Shadowzone after Fixit caused an accident to the GroundBridge, creating a portal to the Shadowzone. Soundwave flew through the rift and, along with Laserbeak, overwhelmed Bumblebee's team, throwing the yellow Autobot into the Shadowzone and knocking out Grimlock and Strongarm with his tentacles. That job done, Soundwave set to work constructing a radio array, hoping to contact Megatron and spark a mass Decepticon exodus to Earth. He was hampered by the antics of Fixit, Denny, and Russell, who managed to distract him long enough for Grimlock and Strongarm to come to their senses. The two Autobots renewed their assault on the Decepticon, prompting Soundwave to portal them away with Laserbeak. While the Autobots and humans regrouped and conferred with Bumblebee, Soundwave finished constructing his device. As he chased Denny into a crane with his tentacles, Russell stole the last component. Soundwave fired a barrage of portals at the human, until they overlapped and opened another Shadowzone portal, allowing Bumblebee to return and fight the Decepticon. Denny knocked Soundwave back through his portal with a wrecking ball, and Fixit kept the portal open long enough for Strongarm and Grimlock to return Laserbeak to the same realm.

While he was trapped once again, Soundwave had no chance to learn that original Decepticon that was previously formed by both Megatron and him has been disbanded long ago.


  • Possibly numerous counts of unnamed Autobots
  • Skyquake (as a Terrorcon) when he is trapped in the Shadowzone.


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