Sound-Off is the secondary antagonist of the animated series Robotman and Friends. He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Sound-Off is Roberon's henchman in the Land of Shadows. He isn't with Roberon in his first appearance. However, after his first defeat, when he returns from the Land of Shadows, he brings Sound-Off with him. Sound-Off is a very small robot, and looks similar to his boss. His primary function is to sit on Roberon's shoulders and use his large mittin-like hands to cover Roberon's ears to block out music for him. He played an important role in Roberon's schemes; when Roberon lost his flute and it was taken by Robotman, he sent Sound-Off to get it back.

Since none of the heroes had encountered Sound-Off before, he was able to pass himself off as a citizen of Robot Land who Roberon was hunting, and trick them into thinking he was a friend. However, after gaining entry into the home of Thomas Cooper, the human inventor the robots were staying with, Sound-Off stole the flute and returned it to his master, allowing Roberon to capture Stellar and Oops. When Oops called Sound-Off sneaky and evil, Sound-Off took it as a compliment.

He was knocked off of Roberon's shoulders by Bleep, the robotic dog designed and built by Thomas, allowing the heroes' music to drive the villain away. Although Roberon ran away and left Sound-Off behind, Sound-Off remained loyal to his boss, and later accompanied him to Robot Land, where the two used Roberon's Loundsounder to capture most of the population. However the vehicle's speaker system was soon used against them. Amplifying Robotman and Stellar's music to the point where even Sound-Off's hands couldn't block it out, Roberon and Sound-Off fell into a deep canyon where the heroes' music echoed off of the rock walls, driving them mad and trapping them there, presumably forever.

Powers and Abilities

Sound-Off's mitten-like hands were capable of blocking out most music above a certain decible level, which allowed him to shield his leader's ears from the music of their enemies. Like Roberon, and, indeed, like all other robots, he was capable of flying. He could also switch out the symbol on his chest to a different one if the occasion called for it, such as when he tricked Robotman and friends into thinking he was an ally. Beyond this, though, he possessed no special abilities.