Soulmon is a Ghost Digimon and a minor villain in Digimon Data Squad.


Soulmon is a Champion Level Digimon that looks like Bakemon. The only difference is that Soulmon wears a a long pointy hat which resembles hats of the same and particular kind worn by witches and wizards.

Digimon Data Squad

When Marcus, Thomas, and Kristy went to a mansion in which bad things happened, Marcus pulled some pranks and said some embarrasing things about Kristy. After he embarrassed her in front of Thomas, she wished bad things would happen to Marcus. Strangly enough, the bad things started to happen. All but Agumon couldn't see the prankster. The prankster turned out to be a Digimon named Soulmon. The pranks were continuing and started to become more and more dangerous. Soulmon hijacked a boat so it can flatten Marcus. Since Soulmon can turn invisible, Marcus used a spray so he can see Soulmon. When he found it, Marcus punched it out of the boat's window. Soulmon grew bigger and fought Marcus and Agumon. Agumon then Digivolved into GeoGreymon and Soulmon attacked him by gripping him with a hand, but GeoGreymon managed to free himself and swung Soulmon around and around, tossing it in the air, and defeated it with a Mega Burst attack, putting an end to the prankster ghost once and for all.


  • Necro Magic
  • End Trance