Soular the quieter member of the group, who prefers planning before actions. He seems to care for no one and enjoys when people suffer. He often plans out his attacks before going on a mission, always knowing beforehand what to do. His human alias is Shun Minami.


First plan

As Moebius told his servants to fill the meter which would make the world in despair, Soular thought of a plan. Then he started to moke Eas and Westar, as they coudn't beat the Cures. Then he left as he turned into his human form, Shun. According to his plan, he thought if it was easier to get the sadness from children and went to a classroom, he then summoned a Nakewameke out of a chalk board and started erasing things. That made Love's hamburgers disappear, Ayumi then saw Love as she predicted that Love ate the hamburgers and that caused Love and Ayumi having a mother - daughter fight. However, because Soular then started erasing other things, the girls found out about it and went to fight him, the girls transformed and fought him, the Nakewameke was defeated and he had lost. Ayumi then forgave Love in the end.


In his human form he's a very good looking guy and often has girls chasing him. This is usually disrupted by his work for labyrinth when he changes over to his true form and scares everyone around him.


Like all of the people from labyrinth he has the ability to summon Nakewameke monsters. He is also shown to be a good fighter and confronts the cures on multiple occasions.


  • Soular can be the enemy personality of Nutts, because both prefer to search the answer in books, are quieter and reserved.
  • He also likes to have tea with a lot of sugar cubes.
  • Miki fooled him in order to get the Clover Box back.