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The SoujikiZord is a MegaZord Gamma, with the properties of the Soujikiloid, namely the giant vacuum it uses as a weapon and as a arm.

Sent to steal an Enetron tank, the SoujikiZord's vacuum-like arm has been a Hyper Cleaner with a sucking force of 1300 tonnes.

As it sucked up some Enetron from the Tank, it was hit by CB-01 Ace from behind. However, the MegaZord halted the beginning of the formation of Go-BusterOh by sticking the vacuum onto Ace's pelvis, trapping the MegaZord.

Yellow Buster in RH-03 managed to stun the Gamma MegaZord, long enough for Ace to remove the vacuum and beat it back, right into a hail of a missile barrage from Blue Buster in GT-02 Gorilla. While the vacuum sucked up the missiles, it also sucked up the "banana skins", clogging up the vacuum, leaving the Gamma MegaZord helpless to Go-BusterOh's Dimension Crash.


  • Height: 47.0 m
  • Weight: 2150 t

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