Template:InfoboxSou Otogiri is an alias used by Phylloxera Worm that assumed the form of Souji before losing his eye to him as Kabuto. As Sou Otogiri, he is an Mobile Squad Leader of ZECT fights by transforming into Thebee. Hated Kabuto for the injury in his right eye during their fight, developing the Clock-down system that will inhibit the clock-up, leading the Kabuto Capture Operation by pulling Kabuto back into the normal time.

Later, in episode 30, a copy of Phylloxera Worm was recreated by Super Apollo Geist by combining Worm.


Just like the original TheBee. The device that is used to call upon the TheBee Zecter. It serves as the docking device for the TheBee Zecter and allows for the transformation.

Kamen Rider TheBee

  • Masked form: TheBee's strong, heavily armored, but less offensive form resembling a beehive. This the default form until the rider rotates TheBee Zecter around the wrist to initiate the Cast Off! command.
  • Rider form: TheBee's sleeker, faster, and more offensive form which morely resembles the wasp motif. In this form TheBee can initiate the Clock Up command to travel at near light speeds match the speed of Worms. By pressing a button on TheBee Zecter, the Rider Sting tachyon-powered punch is activated, allowing the user to pierce through a Worm with the stinger on the TheBee Zecter.
  • Phylloxera Worm: Thought as Mayu's brother, but was a Phylloxera Worm that is an imitation of Souji. Aside from the Clock Down system and clock-up plans to control the World of Kabuto with only the power of a worm.