Soto's Pack are the chief antagonists of Blue Sky's 1st animated feature film, Ice Age. The pack originally consisted of ten sabers who lived together; but because of an attack by a human tribe, half of the pack was hunted down and killed sometime before the migration shown at the beginning of the film. Afterwards, the only known members were Soto, Diego, Zeke, Oscar, Lenny and Niki, a saber who was cut from the film.


As the movie continues, Soto sends Diego to bring him the son of the leader of the tribe so that he can have his revenge on the humans. The next morning, the sabers attack the human camp and Diego eventually finds the baby, but he's stopped by the baby's mother who grabs her son and runs away with him. Diego traps her in the edge of a waterfall, so she's forced to jump into the water while holding tightly onto her baby. After meeting again with the sabers, Diego is being told by Soto to get the baby and take him to Half Peak.

But other two mammals named Manny, a mammoth and Sid, a ground sloth had already found the baby and they were planning to deliver him back to the humans. Diego joins them as it's the only way to be able to stay close to the baby and track him down as Half Peak was very close to Glacier Pass. As they journey through, in the night of the first day of traveling, Zeke and Oscar visit Diego to tell him how impatient Soto is getting, so Diego tells them to go and tell Soto that he'll take the baby, and a mammoth (referring to Manny).


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