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Crush them all!
~ Sopespian

Sospespian is the secondary antagonist in Prince Caspian. He is a high ranking Telmarine lord under King Miraz.

He is played by Damián Alcázar.


During the Narnian Revolution, Sopespian fought the Narnians in the war. He eventually plotted with fellow Lord Glozelle to overthrow their king Miraz and take over the kingdom themselves. Their plan almost worked, as they convinced Miraz into accepting the challenge to a duel with Peter Pevensie. During the fight, Sopespian was a Marshal of the Lists for Miraz, along with Glozelle, and during the fight, Glozelle covertly killed Miraz and blamed it on Peter, provoking the Telmarines to attack the Narnians. He was later killed during the battle.

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