First I'll get the treasure chest, and then I'll get you, and then I'll get them all!
~ Sora

Sora from .Hack//Sign

Sora (楚良, Sora) is a powerful Twin Blade character. A Player killer, he is an outlaw, hated by many. He is a villain in the World, from the anime series .Hack//Sign, played by a ten year old fourth grade kid. He is very sly, sarcastic, manipulative, and has been killing other players' characters, and demanding girls' member addresses. He seems like the true villain in the anime.



Sora has a tall, slender figure, befitting of the nimble Twin Blade class. His outfit is a dark navy blue with purple stripes about his body and a few leather guards for protection. He has forest green hair, trimmed short in the back but hanging down in the front, with a purple bandanna tied around his forehead. His weapons are thin, long katars that extend and retract from a metal guard on either wrist.


As a player killer, Sora enjoys hunting players down and demanding their Member adresses in exchange for their lives. Bear makes a joke about him hunting down attractive female PCs after he hunts down BT. He often makes comments about "being friends", but his true intentions are not well understood.


Some Basic Info

Green Day Wallpaper by dzkratz

Ryou Misaki at age 10

Sora's player is a young boy in the 4th grade named Ryou Misaki (三崎亮). It is unknown if his mind has aged in the long period that transpires between being struck into a coma at the end of SIGN and his release at the end of the Games. His unchanged attitude and habits suggest no mental maturing. After awakening from his coma, he loses his memories of the World. His parents hide the entire ordeal from him, and as a result he forgets he ever even played. He will eventually associate himself with Skeith once more when Ryou creates Haseo.


In the .hack//SIGN series, Sora frequently tangles with Crim, a Long arm with incredible skill and power, and former member of the Crimson Knights. He, too, seeks the fabled Key of Twilight, but his true intentions in doing so are never revealed. After Tsukasa is captured and detained by the Crimson Knights, Sora breaks in during Tsukasa's conversation with Subaru, and aids him in fleeing the Knights. While he makes no immediate demands, he reveals that he sees Tsukasa as the strongest link to the Key of the Twilight, and so helped him escape in efforts to further his search.