Sophie Oseransky
Sophie Oseransky, despite not being in a crime family or a killer herself, is the main antagonist of the 2000 crime black-comedy film, The Whole Nine Yards. She was portrayed by Rosanna Arquette.


She would marry a dentist, Nicholas "Oz" Oseransky, as a convenience and would get a lot of money if they were to get a divorce. She and her mother would make Oz's life a living Hell. However, she would on the side, look for a contract killer. She thought she found one in Jill St. Claire, an aspiring contract killer who was posing as her husband's dental assistant. But as Jill got close to Oz to study him, she grown fond of him and thought his wife was a cruel woman so she dropped the contract and gave her back the $10,000 Sophie paid her.

Sophie would later find out that a former mafia hitman, Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski moved in next door from her husband who was terrified of him. She would attempt to hire him, but due to the fact that he works for a lot more than she's offering, and also because she's not a good person, he rejects the offer. She would later on seek out another contract killer, though unknown to her, he's an undercover Canadian cop. She would sleep with him as well to sweeten the deal.

When she and the undercover cop posing as a contract killer were staking out her husband's place, he discovered that a hit team was going to kill Jimmy. He would leave the car and persue them, only to be killed by Jimmy, who killed the mob after, this frightened Sophie and she ran out the car, screaming.

Eventually the cops would arrest her and she would in true moronic fashion, give away her plans to kill her husband, rendering whatever money she would have collected from the divorce null and void, which allowed Oz to divorce her cleanly and not having to worry about any repercussions. She would also be placed under arrest for hiring a contract killer to snuff her soon to be ex-husband, leaving Oz to worry about Jimmy.

Despite his ex-wife's treachery, Oz would later on remarry someone who truly loved him.