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I love a creepy collage.
~ Sonya Herfman to The Chanels
SQ S1 Ariana

Sonya Herfmann, also known as Chanel #2, is a villainess in the television series "Scream Queens". She is portrayed by Ariana Grande.

She is Chanel Oberlin's minion and possibly the second-in-command of the Chanels.


Chanel #2 is one of Chanel Oberlin's minions. She is first seen when Chanel #1 wakes and she and the other Chanels greet her. She leaves to go to an appointment and returns later in the episode, where she and the other Chanels alert Chanel #1 of Ms. Bean's collage of her. She then witnesses #1 murder Ms. Bean and helps her cover it up. Chanel #1 wants to ensure that Chanel #2 and the others will stay quiet and tries to have a blood oath, however, Chanel #2 is fearful of anyone finding out and leaves to call her mom to pick her up. She gets a text from the Red Devil who asks if he can come in and then he begins dancing with her. He then texts her and says he's going to kill her. Red Devil stabs Chanel #2 and she kicks him. She goes over to her computer to tweet for help and ends up being stabbed in the head by the Red Devil.


  • She was the second-in-command of the Chanels since she's #2.


"I AM dead! I'm burning in Hell!"
~ Sonya to Chanel Oberlin when asked if she's dead
"I came back from the grave to apologize to you."
~ Sonya to Chanel Oberlin and her reason to haunt her
"See, despite what you heard, Hell sucks! It's not fun!"
~ Sonya to Chanel as she dispelles Chanel's assumption of Hell not being so terrible
"There are waterslides but they're lined with razor blades and you splash down into a boiling pool of piss!"
~ Sonya describing to Chanel Oberlin the torture methods in Hell
"Also, zero dinosaurs!"
~ Sonya to Chanel Oberlin about lack of animals in Hell
"When I got there, they're like "there are no dinosaurs" because Jesus broke in and stole them."
~ Sonya to Chanel about her first encounter being in Hell
"You know what my job is? I have to pick food out of two guy's beards with my teeth for eternity!"
~ Sonya explaining to Chanel her job in Hell
"To get to heaven, I have to make things right with you, Chanel."
~ Sonya explaining to Chanel how to get into Heaven
"Truth is, I always admired you, Chanel. Sorry I didn't tell you. I was just too intimidated by your beauty and Intelligence."
~ Sonya confessing to Chanel Oberlin that she always admired her
"And I'm sorry I had sex with Chad, I guess I was jealous. I really wanted what you had and I really needed my two-pack."
~ Sonya apologizing to Chanel Oberlin for having sex with her boyfriend Chad
"I was probably was in a bad mood because Adolf Hitler was motorboating my boobs."
~ Sonya to Chanel on why she claimed that Chanel was cheating on Chad and outed her as the killer


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