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~ Sonny to his mother.

Sonny is the main villain protagonist of the Chick tract entitled "The Execution."

The Execution

Sonny was a very much feared individual who had always gotten into trouble ever since he was a young boy. He hit girls, talked back to his mother even though she loved him very dearly, and he was also very aggressive. When he became a young adult, he snuck up behind an elderly man who was sitting on a bench reading the newspaper and beat him to death with a bat, and then stole his money.  Unfortunately for Sonny, a woman saw the murder in action, and calls the police on him. He was found guilty by the judge and was sentenced to hang the next day. His mother kept visiting him,  and offered him cookies while he was on deathrow; he would always act hostile towards her. On the day before his execution, his mother begged the guards to let her die in his place so that he would live. They allow her to do so, and her son is released.