Sing praise to the Songbird, for he is the protector of the lamb.
~ Propaganda in Columbia

The Songbird is a major antagonist in the video game BioShock Infinite. It is a giant robotic bird that was built for the sole purpose of keeping Elizabeth, Booker DeWitt's (the hero's) Daughter, imprisoned in the flying city of Columbia for unknown reasons, and it is feared by all the citizens of Columbia. Elizabeth seems to have formed a delusional bond with the Songbird, as it was her only companion from a young age, but grew to hate him as she saw him as her "warden". The Songbird is BioShock Infinite's equivalent of the Big Daddy from the previous games.

It is never truly fought in the game itself, only appearing in cutscenes and events.


Its first appearance is after Booker helps Elizabeth escape Monument Island, where it tries to get to Elizabeth by ripping part of the tower apart. It is stopped when a dropping elevator momentarily separates it from Booker and Elizabeth. When the statue breaks apart and Booker and Elizabeth escape via Sky-Line, it follows them, destroying small parts of Columbia while following them. During the hunt Songbird also destroys the line Booker is clinging to and the escapees plummet into the waters of Battleship Bay. Songbird dives into the water, but before reaching Booker is forced to retreat due to the high water pressure where he witnesses Songbird's right eye cracking due to the high water pressure, forcing it to retreat.

Later on, after killing Daisy Fitzroy, Booker decides to pilot the First Lady to Paris as promised, but Songbird shows up again. In Booker's attempt to change course, Songbird forces the airship to crash.

During Booker and Elizabeth's search for Comstock House, Booker and Elizabeth trigger an alarm system which draws Songbird to the office they are currently hiding in. They manage to hide from Songbird and after carefully investigating the office, the giant bird flies off again. At this point Elizabeth begs Booker that if all is lost, he has to kill her so Songbird cannot take her back to her prison.


Elizabeth stops Songbird from killing Booker

However, on the way to Comstock House Songbird attacks Booker and throws him into a building, and Elizabeth apologizes for running away and lets Songbird carry her away to save Booker's life. Songbird takes her away, forcing Booker to give chase into Comstock House.

During his pursuit, Booker is transported to 1984, where he discovers that Elizabeth had been under physical and mental torture, thanks to Comstock himself. After traversing the horrific prison, populated by many disturbing people, including the "Boy of Silence" guardians, he finds an elderly Elizabeth, who, while bombarding New York much like in Booker's vision from early on, explains that Songbird has always been able to kill Booker in every timeline. She gives him a piece of paper to give to her younger self, which explains how to control Songbird, before sending him back to 1912.


Songbird's demise

After killing Comstock and taking control of the Hand of the Prophet, Comstock's flagship, Elizabeth realizes what the cage symbol means on the paper (it's referring to the notes C-A-G-E), takes a whistler from a nearby statue (the ones that play a song to alert Songbird), and whistles the notes in quick succession to keep Songbird from taking her away. She asks him to help her and Booker keep them safe, and he agrees.

Throughout the battle, Booker can command Songbird to attack the Vox Populi airships that threaten to destroy the flagship's power core.

After the Hand of the Prophet reaches Monument Island, Booker uses the whistler to command Songbird to destroy the giant siphon, which keeps Elizabeth from using her full power. The resulting explosion knocks the whistler out of Booker's hands, ceasing his control. Songbird approaches and tries to kill him once again, but Elizabeth quickly opens a tear, bringing the three of them into Rapture, from the original BioShock. She has sent Songbird into the water outside, where he struggles against the pressure. Elizabeth calmly tells him to let it go, and his eyes turn from red to green, indicating that he can finally pass on peacefully.