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Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday! Christened on a Tuesday! Married on Wednesday!
~ Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy is a minor antagonist in Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.



Cyrus Gold was a murderer who sought refuge in Slaughter Swamp. He was somehow murdered and then discovered by Ra's al Ghul, who used him as an experiment in order to perfect the Lazarus Pit. Cyrus then ended up in a cycle of being killed and then revived. After being killed so many times, Gold's mind was broken and he forgot who he was and what he did, only remembering an old nursery rhyme, after which he named himself Solomon Grundy. As the monster Solomon Grundy, causing a rampage in Wonder City but was eventually killed by the Wonder Guards, realising what he had done Grundy was consumed with guilt and returned to the laboratory where he waited for the horrible process of dying and being revived to start again. He was then brought to a place where now the Iceburg Lounge is built. He remained until Penguin discovered him when he bought the nightclub. The Penguin used him to dispose of men who really upset him, by sending them down there for Grundy to rip appart.

Encountering Batman at Blackgate

Underneath Blackgate Prison , Batman finds a locked door with Grundy behind it. Solomon escaped and charged at the vigilante, forcing the Dark Knight to slow him down by activating nearby fuse boxes with his Explosive Launcher. Batman the ends the battle by knocking Grundy into the door, causing the door to break.

Chasing Batman in Sewers

After Batman takes down two of Penguin's thugs in the Gotham City Sewers, Batman then encounters Grundy and the undead creature chased the Dark Knight through the sewers. Batman then overpowers Grundy and defeated him.

Arkham City

Grundy was imprisoned under the Iceburg Lounge, used by Penguin as an emergency against Batman. After Batman took down Penguin as he used the Freeze Gun, Cobblepot then blew down the platform Batman was, leading him to Grundy. 

Batman then fought Grundy in a massive battle and knocked him out. As Batman prepares to finish Grundy off, Solomon managed to awaken and attempted to finally kill Batman but failed and was defeated, killing him once again for him to be revived. 



  • "Grundy will kill you!"
  • "Grundy must hurt the Bat!"

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