Solomon is the villain of the Doctor Who episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship".  He is a blackmarket trader and pirate with two robot bodyguards.  

He is portrayed by David Bradley, who also plays Walder Frey In Game of Thrones.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

He took control over a ship of the Silurians to get their dinosaurs and sell them by sending out a distress signal.  The Silurians allowed him to board, and his two robots took the reptilians out of cryogenic sleep and jettisoned them out of the airlocks until there were none left. This proved to be a very bad action, as he soon found out that he hadf no idea how to pilot the craft he had highjacked and it was on a collision course with Earth.  Sometime during his stay on the ark, three raptors cornere him and brutally attacked, severly damaging his legs.  When the Doctor and his gang came on board, he rejoiced, believe the Doctor to be an actual medical doctor who could fix his legs. After making one of his robot henchmen attack the Doctor's companion Rory's father, the Doctor obligued and fixed Solomon's legs so he was able to walk again. His ship was shot by missiles after he had fought the Doctor.


Solomon's species is never specified directly.  It is shown that he is a bipedal homosapien, basically humanoid.  However, it is revealed that his race have vast lifespans, as one of his robots said that they had been on the ship for two millenia.