The two Solomon's Robots are the secondary villains in the Doctor Who episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". They serve as Solomon's bodyguards.



Solomon got them in a concession on Illyria Seven. When they came aboard the Silurian Ark, Solomon ordered them to kill all the Silurians in order to take control over the spaceship. However, since he didn't know how to pilot it, he and the robots stayed two millenary in the ship.

Sometime during this period, three raptors attacked Solomon, but the robots managed to save him and tried to heal his injuries, but they were unable to mend his legs.


After the Doctor and his companions came aboard the Ark, Solomon sends the two robots capturing the Doctor so that he heal his legs. The robots manage to capture him alongside Rory and Brian Williams shortly after they escaped from a group of pterodactyls and lead them to Solomon. To force the Doctor to heal his legs, Solomon orders to his robots to shoot Brian as a warning. After healed him, the Doctor manage to flee with Rory and Brian but the two robots pursue them. They manage to board on the back of a Triceratops and escape from the robots, however, Solomon finds them with the security cameras and teleports to their location with the robots. He orders to them to kill the Triceratops and then they capture the Doctor's companion Nefertiti. Afterwards, they tries to leave aboard Solomon's spaceship, but the Doctor teleport himself in their ship and deactivates the robots. They are later destroyed when the ship is blown up by missiles.