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Larry Foulke Solo Wing Pixy


Larry "Pixy" Foulke (ラリー"小妖精"Foulke Rarī "Ko yōsei" Foulke) was a mercenary pilot during the Belkan War. He is better known as simply Pixy (小妖精 Ko yōsei) and as Cipher's wingman and, later on, his enemy.


Pixy was a pilot in the mercenary squadron Galm Team of the Ustian Air Force. He was well known for once having completed a mission and landing safely after one of his F-15C Eagle's wings was blown off. Ever since then, he's flown with an F-15 where his right wing was painted red.[1]

Beginning in April of 1995, Pixy flew as Galm 2 alongsideCipher. As they progressed through operations together, they became famous among the Allied Forces and infamous among the Belkan forces. After the Battle of B7R, Cipher became known as the Demon Lord of the Round Table, further increasing their popularity.[1]

It was sometime before this battle that Joshua Bristow had approached Pixy about the forming of the organization A World With No Boundaries. He asked Pixy during the Battle of B7R if it was time to ditch the Allied Forces, but Pixy, possibly in the midst of enjoying the battle, told him that it wasn't time yet.[1]

On June 6, while flying to support Allied Forces in Sudentor, Belka set off seven nuclear bombs on their land. In the midst of this chaos, Pixy defected from the Allied Forces and attempted to shoot Cipher down. Cipher dodged his attacks, but Pixy retreated out of the airspace and eventually disappeared from radar.[1]

After helping to establish A World With No Boundaries, Pixy was provided with an ADFX-02 Morgan. He is only known to have flown this aircraft once: in battle against Cipher on December 31 over Avalon Dam. He was controlling the launch of the V2 and Cipher was forced to shoot him down to prevent him from using it. Pixy managed to launch the missile, but Cipher shot him down regardless and the weapon exploded harmlessly in the upper atmosphere.[1]

Pixy survived the battle, and made his way to the nuclear detonation sites. The people there that managed to survive took care of him.[1]

A few years later, Pixy fought in the Usean Continental War in Delarus as part of the Independent States Allied Forces.[2] He was interviewed by Brett Thompson as part of a documentary on Cipher.[1]

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