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Solnhofen is a minor character in Soul Calibur IV


Originally a member of the Bird of Passage, he is an Ostrheinsburg soldier, and he fights with Raphael's fighting style with the Estoc weapon. In Tira's Story Mode, Solnhofen accompanies her for the first three stages, but then Tira offers his soul to Soul Edge. He seems to be somewhat loyal to Nightmare, and also seems to be power-hungry, as his fighting dialogue dictates. He is made completely of character creation parts. Solnhofen is also one of the enemies that Mitsurugi defeats in a special movie featuring Darth Vader.

Solnhofen can be created in Character Creation, since he has no unique features in both Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny.

According to the New Legends of Project Soul sourcebook, Solnhofen survived the events of Soul Calibur IV, and presumably, his mind broken, remains a servant of Tira.

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