Soledad Marquesa

Soledad Marquesa

Soledad Marquesa was the main villain in the Grimm episode "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", and he was one of four Schakals who organized the car crash that killed Kelly and Reed Burkhardt (Nick's parents) in 1996, to try and get hold of the Coins of Zakynthos. He did this with Akirua Kimura.

He was portrayed by Jordi Caballero.


In 2012, he and two of the other Schakals, tracked down the coins, they broke into the jewellers that had them and tried to steal them, but the owner swallowed the coins to prevent them get hold of them, meaning they failed.

Returning to his hide out, he was caught by Farley Kolt who was also after the coins. The police arrived, but using his Schakals enhanced physical attributes, Soledad escaped and killed another police officer. He later kidnapped Harper, the local coroner, in an effort to find the coins. Having stolen the policeman's uniform, he snuck into the compound. And realising Renard had the coins, attacked him. However he was confronted by Nick and Hank who shot him dead, his last words asking to hold the coins one last time.