The Soldiers of the Sun were an elite paramilitary organization that serves as the militant arm of the powerful religious cult known as the Fellowship of the Sun and an antagonistic group in the popular HBO original series True Blood. Founded by their parent cult's leader Steve Newlin and his wife Sarah Newlin, they operate within Dallas, Texas and they attack and hunt down vampires as demons and enemies of the human race while they protect and served all members of the Fellowship.

Composed of select members of the Light of Day Institute which is run by the Fellowship of the Sun, the Soldiers of the Sun were put through military training, intended by Rev. Steve Newlin to serve as the Fellowship of the Sun's foot soldiers, and a private army of vampire hunters.


  • Steve Newlin (co-founder)
  • Sarah Newlin (co-founder)
  • Gabe
  • Jason Stackhouse (formerly)
  • Luke McDonald