I have seen things in my journeys that most can only dream of. Literally.
~ Solas

I am not Corypheus. I take no joy in this... but the return of my people means the end of yours.
~ Solas

Solas, better known as Fen'Harel, is an extremely powerful and ancient mage who is wrongly believed to be a god.


In the time of the ancient elves, Solas was counted among a group of very powerful mages, the Evanuris, who wrongly claimed to be gods. Solas led a rebellion against the other tyrannical Evanuris, freeing their slaves and fighting against the propaganda claiming they were gods. In response the Evanuris bestowed upon Solas the insulting name Fen'Harel, or The Dread Wolf, claiming he was an evil trickster. After the Evanuris threatened the world and killed one of their own, Mythal, Solas took more desperate measures. Using his Foci, an orb that augmented his powers, he created the Veil, separating the Fade and the physical world and sealing away the Evanuris. This act drained him of much of his powers and he entered into a long sleep.

Creating the Veil also disrupted the magic that was so integral to the ancient elves and their empire. The empire fell, eventually leading to the enslavement of the elven race and over centuries reducing his people to a shadow of their former selves. The truth of Solas' rebellion was lost to the ages and the modern elves who continued to worship the Evanuris as the Creators believed that Fen'Harel was evil and betrayed the Creators for his own ends.

Dragon Age

During his sleep, Solas is still lucid in the Fade and is aware of the new state of the world. He tasks one of his agents to recover the passcode for the eluvian network as part of his plans but when they fail to do so, Solas wakes up. Although resolved to use his orb to reshape reality to what it was before, Solas is too weak from his sleep to activate his orb, which had built up power over the centuries. He arranges for a powerful being known as Corypheus to obtain and unlock it instead, assuming Corypheus will be killed as a result.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

When activating the orb, Corypheus unexpectedly survives and between this, the immense power contained within the orb and the accidental interference of the future Inquisitor, a massive explosion results that creates a breach in the Veil, a catastrophic event which threatens to swallow the entire world. As his own plans can't proceed before the Breach is sealed and his orb is recovered, Solas decides to help close the Breach and stop Corypheus by aiding the newly formed Inquisition, presenting himself as an unassuming apostate and hedge mage. He acts as a guide to the Inquisitor, first by saving them from the Anchor and then by revealing to them half-truths about the orb and leading them to Skyhold. Eventually Corypheus is successfully defeated but the orb is destroyed. With the orb useless, Solas leaves the Inquisition without explanation and resumes his own plans. He meets with Flemeth, who carries a piece of the murdered Mythal inside her, and takes her powers while appearing to kill her.


Two years later, Solas has regained much of his strength and arranges for the Inquisitor, who he has been keeping track of with his network of spies within the Inquisition, to find their way to him. He explains who he is, his past and his general plan to tear down the Veil. He confesses that while his plan will restore the ancient elves to their former glory, it will also cause untold chaos and likely destroy the other races of Thedas. He refuses to reveal the specifics of his plan or the exact reasons he created the Veil in the first place. The Inquisitor has been slowly dying due to the Anchor and Solas uses his renewed power to take the Anchor from them, also resulting in the Inquisitor losing their arm. Before he departs, the Inquisitor vows to stop him either by redeeming or killing him.