Solaris was a man-made star from the alternate-future of DC One Million, discontent with merely ruling over a single era the mad tyrant sought to conquer both its native reality and that of 20th century DC via sending back techno-organic viruses to infect machines from the past.

In doing so Solaris actually created a time-paradox and created itself - however the machine was finally opposed by the JLA and their future counterparts to put an end to its quest for conquest.

All-Star Superman

1687034-all star superman solaris

As seen in All-Star Superman

Solaris is the Bigger Bad in the animated movie All-Star Superman. He turns the sun blue to negate Superman's powers while Lex Luthor puts his scheme in motion. Superman (wearing a suit that shielded him from Solaris' radiation) and an army of Superman-Androids fight Solaris. When Superman's pet Sun-Eater tries to consume it, Solaris kills the creature. Enraged, Superman beats Solaris senseless before destroying its mainframe.

Solaris was voiced by Robin Atkin Downs, who also voiced Manchester Black in Superman vs. The Elite.