Don't worry, it happens all the time
~ Solana tries to distract her clients from the outbreak of Ood due to her cowardice
Shoot! Shoot to kill!
~ Sonya cowardly orders the Ood killed to protect her flesh

Solana was a secondary antagonist in the Doctor Who episode Planet of the Ood. Played by Ayesha Dharka.

At first she seemed like a nice pleasant businesswoman, young and very beautiful, but later on she was shown conversing with her boss Halpen about what to do with the Ood attack problem. Solana showed her cowardice when examining records of Ood attacks.

She welcomed the Doctor and Donna when they snuck into the party and Solana apologized for any inconvenience caused by the "invitations." Solana had been fooled by the Doctor's psychic paper, and she led the visitors in. She showed them how the Ood were organized and managed, and then she showed her sadistic side when saying "Ood, looks like you dropped something," to which the Ood said "D'oh!"

Solana was overseeing the slavery of the Ood, which the Doctor found disturbing. Then she was shown to be doing secretarial work in the main office. However a large party of businessmen arrived, and Solana showed them round the place. Suddenly, an alarm went off as the Ood had started to riot in the outskirts of camp. Solana grew alarmed but she pretended things were fine.

Feeling protected, Solana went on with her tour. However, a gang of Ood broke in and killed various people. Shocked, Solana cowardly fled, leaving her guests to die, and she used her beauty to charm the guards when she was escaping. She arrived outside, and when the guards asked her for orders, she just said kill all the Ood.

However, Solana got petrified in fear and anxious for the safety of her own skin so she ran behind an outer wall. She sighed in relief, believing she was safe, but an Ood came up right behind her and as she turned in horror to face him, he zapped her to death with his electric globe.