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~ Sokar after revealing his true form.

Sokar is the main antagonist of the Madness Combat series REALM. He is a mysterious demonic entity inhabiting the body of Yeelon Mekyr.



Based on hints throughout the series, it appears that Sokar was originally one of the Employers until he was cast out for an unknown reason. Sokar later possessed the body of August Huffman, transforming him into Yeelon.

REALM: Project M3KYR

Sokar later possesses several l33t Agents and A.T.P. Engineers to attack the Science Tower. He eventually confronts Kelzad, but is driven off by Zalmamder Oox and a squad of A.A.H.W. units.

REALM: Fraternization

Sokar later tries again to attack the Science Tower with an army of reanimated l33t Agents, A.T.P. Engineers and Abominations. He heads up to the top of the tower and breaks off the Solarium from the rest of it. Eventually, Kelzad fights his way through Sokar's army and makes it to the top of the tower where he confronts Sokar / Yeelon. Sokar then turns the sky purple and summons a scythe as Kelzad and him face off.

REALM: Illuviation

Despite losing one of his Chargers, Kelzad manages to beat back Yeelon, forcing him to retreat. After fighting his way through Yeelon's minions, Kelzad manages to recover his other Charger. Yeelon then appears and levitates himself and Kelzad back to the top of the tower.

Kelzad and Yeelon then resume their fight. However, after the form of Yeelon proves ineffective against Kelzad, Sokar summons purple energy around Yeelon and reveals him true form. He then raises the ground around Kelzad and flies up to confront him in the form of the Demon Face. However, Kelzad attacks the Demon and forces it to retreat. As Sokar flies away, Kelzad grabs onto him but the Demon throws him off. Sokar then takes the form of Yeelon again and heads into a building.


  • Sokar is named after Seker, the Egyptian god of Memphite necropolis.