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Sojiro is one of the main character's of Lost dimension and is a hero antagonist no matter with side he is on.

In one play thought Sojiro the main healer of the game can ether be a traitor or a main hero thought the whole game. Also some of the things he says dement on players choice or if Sho has a max bond with him.

if he is a traitor and he is kept until the end of the game then him and any other traitor's Sho have with him will be fighting along side the final boss. If Sho gets to the end of the game with only traitors then Sojiro and the other traitors will kill him.

if Sojiro is found out to be a traitor he accept his fate and has a little talk with the others before his death it later truned out he was still a live with the other traitors with are random in eath play thought with are left on a world that is about to be distroy. if his bond with Sho is max out he start's saying how he would of like Sho to be his apprentice and that his only regret is not being able to cure Sho.

It also truns out that Sojiro is so obsess over medicine that if he can't heal them he kill's them because he belives that any type of cure showed cure anything. and he is trying to save the other world with does put the one he is in at risk of being distroyed and both worlds with be distoryed if Sho dies all thought him and the other traitors don't know that until the true ending. in the nomel ending Sojiro and the other traitors dies along with the other world. in the true ending every one that were not the billion's that were killed in the opening are still a live.