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Nesbitt, alternately spelled Nezbitt, (called Soichiro Ota in the Japanese version) is one of the Big Five from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!. He is the technical expert of the Big Five, and arguably the most significant of them, as he is the only one who succeeds in stealing a body. He is also described by some as being a nerd. He is voiced by David Wills.


He owned his own lab where he built war machines that he built for his boss, Gozaburo Kaiba. When Seto Kaiba took over (in which the Big Five joined forces with him), he burned down Nesbitt's lab, as Seto wanted to make games at Kaiba Corp rather than machines for war.

Nesbitt robotic knight

Nesbitt as the Machine Sergeant (Robotic Knight in the US version)

After they joined forces with Maximillion Pegasus to take over Kaiba Corp, and Pegasus was defeated by Yugi Muto, Seto fired the Big Five, but they trapped him in a virtual world, but when their Five God Dragon was destroyed, they were imprisoned in the virtual world instead.
Nesbitt perfect machine king

Ota as the Perfect Machine King

Their bodies were destroyed eventually, but they soon found Noah Kaiba in his virtual world, and worked for him to steal the bodies of Yugi and the gang. Taking the form of Robotic Knight, Nesbitt targeted Serenity, who was with Duke Devlin and Tristan Taylor, but eventually decided on dueling the three of them at once, though he seemed intent at defeating Serenity first (likely because she has never dueled before). Despite the fact that it was three on one, with Tristan and Serenity as the least experienced of the four, Nesbitt gained the advantage. He destroyed Tristan's deck master while aiming for Serenity's monster, sending Tristan falling into a molten pit, trapping his mind in a robot monkey and holding his body in a virtual chamber. 
Nesbitt Tristan

Nesbitt as Tristan

Nesbitt entered the field himself during the duel, and immediately fused with Machine King into Perfect Machine King. He was defeated when he and Serenity's fusion monster, Saint Joan, destroyed each other, but he stole Tristan's body anyway and, after a confrontation with Kaiba and Tristan, kidnapped Mokuba Kaiba, who was then taken from him by Noah.

Afterward, Gansley, Crump, Johnson, and Lector entered Tristan's body, and all five of them dueled Yugi and Joey at once. Nesbitt took over for one turn, but fell victim to Yugi's trap, after which Lector took over. After the Big Five were defeated, Noah imprisoned them each in a different corner of the virtual world.


Noah imprisons the Big Five.

Nesbitt was killed along with Noah, Gozaburo, and the other members of the Big Five when Noah used a satellite attack to destroy the fortress that the virtual world was stationed in, deleting it and everyone inside it.


Nesbitt is obsessed with robots. While in the form of a robot in the virtual world, he would often talk like one, using terms such as "negative" and "disassemble", and referring to Serenity only as "the female".

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

Nesbitt, like the other members of the Big Five, are board members in 4Kids working for Noah in LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Nesbitt, as a robot, battles Tristan, Duke, and Serenity. Tristan falls into lava after defending Serenity from Nesbitt's attack. Then Nesbitt transforms into Super Giga Mecha Nesbitt, who has rocket power fists and battles Duke's theme song, in which he wins. However, Duke confuses Super Giga Mecha Nesbitt by reveals the protagonist of the new series Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal confusing him overloading him causing him to self destruct.

In the next episode, he returns, possessing Tristan and kidnapping Mokuba for Noah. While possessing Tristan he does not sound like Nesbitt, but like Tristan dual voice effect to it, however he is identified and gives Kaiba the Darth Vader speech.

In Episode 54, he teams up with the rest of the Big Five to duel Yugi and Joey, but they are defeated, and Noah banishes them to the darkest corners of the internet. Nesbitt is sent to chat roulette, where he talks with Naruto like a robot.


  • Initially, Nesbitt stood out the least of the Big Five, being mostly out of sight once they were no longer shadowed, and having only two lines in Season 1, and none in Season 3 up until his duel with Tristan, Serenity, and Duke. Ironically, Nesbitt played the biggest role as he was the only one who was successful in stealing a body, though this still excluded him from when the other four chased Joey, Serenity, and Duke.
  • His voice is higher pitched in flashbacks.