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Sodarn Insane is the dictator of Iraq and an antagonist in the Animaniacs series. He is a parody of
Sodarn Insane
Saddam Hussein.

He made a cameo in Hot, Bothered, and Bedeviled episode. He later appears in Baghdad Cafe as an antagonist. In his office, Sodarn plans to use his army to conquer the Middle East. Yakko enters his office, asking him if this is the Baghdad Cafe. He questions his identity and replies no. Yakko, Wakko, and Slappy introduce themselves to the dictator. Yakko thinks that Sodarn is the head waiter and asks for a table. Sodarn orders his guard to get rid of them but the guard was stopped by Slappy. Sodarn questions Yakko about his identity and goes on a rant. Slappy gets tired and shoves dynamites into Sodarn's pants, which blew the dictator away from his office.

Sodarn is voiced by Frank Welker.