Soda Poppers
The Soda Poppers are the main antagonist in season 2, episode 5 of the Sam and Max game series. They are former child stars who had bent revenge on Sam and Max after a series of mishaps during the duo's adventures.


Initially, the former child stars appear as the brainwashed lackeys of Brady Culture, the washed-up 70s star attempting to regain his former glory. After being released from Culture's hypnotic control, the Soda Poppers go on to become the stars and judges of an American Idol-esque reality show, although their plans to go further are foiled by the duo. Following that, they become the leaders in North and South Dakota and start a civil war over ownership of Mount Rushmore.

At the end of Season 2, it is revealed that the Soda Poppers had started a path to effectively take over Hell. It begins with them beating Culture to death and escalates upon their discovery of the power of hate. Thus, they acted in ways so they would be hated so they could attain incredible power in Hell and eventually overthrow Satan. In the meantime, they also became all the more hateful of Sam and Max for spoiling their birthday.

Revealing themselves to be the masterminds, the Soda Poppers downsize Satan and cut him off from power. Determined to keep their plot going, each Popper sets out to fulfill three tasks of forcing humanity to recommit the Original Sin, seduce a woman to create a hellspawn, and to entrap a new soul of the 21st century. Sam and Max foil their plot, prompting them to assume demon forms (really only adding a flame and black color motif to their attire) with bell, book, and candle. They leave Sam and Max to die in a fire pit but the two are saved by their past selves in a stable time paradox. Satan reclaims his power and fights the Poppers off, entrapping them in the same fire pit. The Poppers swear revenge, only to be brutally killed by a massive magma flow.


The big-eye one with blonde hair. He tricked Sybil into falling in love with him. His true name is Dick Peacock.


A neat-freak/control-freak who wears glasses. He is smarter than the other two.


A red-head who has bathroom issues. In season 1, episode 4 he swore-off soda in order to get around this issue, but Sam and Max made it a short-lived one. He's able to pee fire.