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Here's Snowy!!
~ Snowy making a reference from the movie The Shinning.

Snowy the Frostman is a murderous parody of the beloved Frosty the Snowman Christmas story. He is the main antagonist (later revealed to be something of a secondary main antagonist) and center piece of the internet series of the same name. The series itself spoofs many famous horror movies and it's characters. Most notably the Halloween series.

Snowy was originally a teenage boy named Michael. He was put in a mental children's hospital, because his parents though he was evil and he stared at a window for years when plots for his revenge. Before he could start murdering, he was ran over by a snow plow and came back to life by his blood fusing in the snow. When his sister Lori brought him back to life by putting a hat on his head, she made a horrible mistake.

Snowy the Frostman 1 - Meet Snowy

The first video starts with a suspicious man talking about how every year is exciting; and that this year is no exception. It then cuts to a group of children about to put a hat on a newly built snowman (Reminiscent of the original Frosty the Snowman story). When the hat is placed on his head, the snowman comes alive and declares "Happy Hanukkah!" but then remembers he's not Jewish. He then goes outright to say he doesn't like Jews (to the children's shock). He then happily realizes he's alive. The girl then points out that It may be due to all the toxins apparently in the snow he was built on. He then sweats and feels that he's getting 'the Vapors' to which the girl points out it's most likely caused by Global Warming. Snowy then suggests they have fun while he's still alive; before proceeding to eat Billy completely out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. The girl then questions where Billy went; to which Snowy then tries to excuse his absence by saying his mom was calling him. The children now seem suspicious of Snowy; but he quickly casts their attention with suggesting they throw a parade, then a bloodbath, which makes the children's excitement fade. He then corrects himself and goes back to the parade idea. As the children parade through the streets with Snowy, he eventually suggest playing a game of leap frog. As the children jump over his back, he eats Matthew; and burps out his severed leg, hat, and one glove. The girl then points out his absence and questions whether or not Snowy has been eating her friends; Snowy questions whether or not it would be a bad thing. The girl then finally asks if Snowy is evil. Snowy then points out that he is "The work of the Devil" because he can talk. He then tries to grab the girl in an attempt to eat her head off (while the other children with the girl have all vanished; implying that Snowy ate them as well). She runs from Snowy until she runs into the same man from the beginning of the video. He then offers to drive them to safety away from Snowy. They drive off and Snowy melts into a puddle (apparently because of global warming). As they drive off, the girl asks to be dropped off, but the man continues to drive. He then asks if little girls get in the vehicles of strangers so easily. He then laughs as the girl screams and meets an unknown fate.

To be continued

Snowy the Frostman 2 - Home for Xmas

The second video starts abruptly where the first video ended. The man then abruptly drops the girl off at her house and tells her to be safe and drives away. The girl is relieved at being home and knowing that Snowy is dead. Or, at least she hoped. The melted Snowy then reforms and declares "Happy Cuanza!" again abruptly. He then discovers he's alive and that Global Warming did not melt him. Instead, it was an overheating lamppost (which powered-off, allowing Snowy's regeneration). He then goes to finish what he started. Back at the girl's (who's name is revealed to be Lori; a parody of Lori Strode from the Halloween series) house; she is explaining what Snowy did in the first video. They however, disregard her claims as imaginary. A man named Dr. Loompus (A parody of Dr. Samuel Loomis; again, another Halloween reference) appears abruptly out of nowhere and exclaims that Lori is telling the truth and that there is a killer on the loose. Lori's father then threatens to call the police; but Loompus has brought the town's Sheriff (who is a complete retard). Loompus suggests they discuss the matter down stairs and leave Lori in the bedroom all alone. Lori looks out the window to see a snowman across the street and It disappears (but then reappears; another Halloween spoof). Downstaris, Loompus again informs on the manic and suggest that everyone sticks together. After the agreement, Lori's mom abruptly suggests going to make hot tea; to everyone's agreement (disregarding their earlier stick-together plan) and so she goes to the kitchen to make tea. The backdoor is wide open and the kitchen floor is covered in snow. And all the knives in the holder are gone. Snowy then materializes from the snow and greets the woman (calling her "mother") and she realizes that Snowy was behind the crunchy floor. He then stabs her in the face with a knife while saying "happy holidays". The husband then questions why his wife is taking so long. He then suggests sending the sheriff to go check on her (but the sheriff is completely retarded) and decides to go check himself. In the kitchen, he looks in the pantry for her, but is knocked to the floor by a cat in the pantry (acknowledging that they don't even own a cat). He then finds his wife's corpse suspended upside down. He backs away in horror and bumps into Snowy, who wishes him a merry Christmas before killing him with a meat cleaver. Dr. Loompus is now worried (because he heard nothing but screaming and holiday greetings) that no one has returned from the kitchen. He then suggest he and sheriff go look for them. In the snow-filled kitchen, they find Snowy greeting them and the corpses of Lori's parents. He then attempts to 'stop' Snowy by shooting him, but Snowy simply regenerates (pointing out he's made of snow and that bullets don't hurt him). He then tells the sheriff to stop Snowy, but the sheriff has his gun aimed the wrong way and he shoots himself in the neck. Loompus then flees to Lori's room and informs her of Snowy's return. She the questions why he's after her. Loopmus tries to tell her before Snowy has time to kill him.But, Loompus stutters for too long and gets stabbed In the back with a knife by Snowy. Snowy then breaks into the room and greets Lori (a parody of The Shining). She flees to the roof of the house and calls for help. She grabs the attention of a police officer (but he walks away after Lori explains that a snowman is trying to kill her). Lori then slips and is clinging to the gutters for dear life and is offered a hand by Snowy (but she won't take his hand cause she's afraid he'll eat her's). Snowy then asks Lori to 'join' him (Lori doen't understand) and tells her that Loompus never told her the family's dark secret. He then says he's Lori's brother; to Lori's disbelief. He then again asks her to 'join' him so they can rule the world. But Lori resists (a parody of Star Wars) and lets go of the gutters and falls seemingly to her death (another Halloween spoof). Snowy and all the other characters then abruptly disappear.

To be continued

Snowy the Frostman 3 - The Nightmare

The third video picks up right where the second one left off. Lori still lays in the snow; seemingly dead. When Snowy emerges from behind the house towards her. Loompus then appears out of nowhere and blasts Snowy with a flamethrower, seemingly killing him. Lori then wakes up in a children's mental hospital. After Lori believes the events of the previous episodes were merely dreams, Loompus then explains that Snowy is real and dead. And that he murdered her parents. Lori then expresses her frustration and horror (seeming as 'the same night' has been happening for years) and asks to leave. Loompus explains that the reason she's in the hospital is because nobody believes her story of Snowy murdering her parents and friends. He also didn't tell anyone because he didn't want people thinking he was crazy as well. He then leaves the room to let Lori sleep. Lori then has a dream in which she wakes up in her own bed and her parents are alive to comfort her. She then explains the details of the dream; and then her mom turns into a Snowy hybrid version of herself and kills her husband after questioning his murder. As Lori avoids her mother, she's suddenly running in the halls of the hospital. Loompus then appears and tells her there' no hope for 'him'. To which he means Lori's brother. A door then opens and we see Michael sitting in a chair looking out the window at the snow, apparently for years. This lead to Loompus eventually giving him the nickname "Snowy". Lori then greets her brother. And he then questions why their parents abandoned him in the hospital to rot. And says he'll make them pay. Snowy then materializes from a wall (the wall turning into his face and hands) and grabs Lori while wishing her a merry Christmas. Lori is then woken up by Melissa and Christopher (two kids in her group from the first video). They explain that they're alive, but Billy and Matthew did not survive. Lori believes Snowy is dead, but the other kids think he's closer than ever now. They also explain that they got locked up because no one believes Lori's story. They then warn her to not go to sleep. To which they come forth to say they also had Snowy-related nightmares; and that Snow has found a 'loop-hole'. Lori the has a plan to bring Snowy back into the real world by going to sleep and pull him out upon waking up. In the dream, she is outside the hospital during the day and sees Michael walking in the road with a knife. He then explains that he's escaping and going to get revenge on their parents. Lori then warns Michael about an oncoming snowplow, but Michael is run over and killed. Snowy then appears (dressed like Freddy Krueger) and tells that he was splattered all over the snow. Frustrated over Lori's lack of understanding, Snowy then says that he wasn't always a snowman. He then finally states that their parents abandoned him in an insane asylum because they thought he was evil. For years, he stared out the window, plotting his revenge. Then, when he finally escaped, he was run over with a snowplow. In death, his blood fused with the snow, and enabled him to return form the dead as a killer snowman when Lori and her friends built him on the same snow he died on. Lori's touch brought Snowy back (somehow because their family). He also explains that the reason for her attempted murder at his hands was because he didn't know Lori's identity at the time. And that now, he must possess Lori's body to become a kid again. He then offers to let Lori join him, but she flees in terror (to Snowy's prediction). As she runs, a giant version of Snowy's head states that he's everywhere in the dream. As Lori runs, Snowy grabs her from behind a tree. As he declares that he got her, Lori reverses it by saying she has him and pulls him out of the dream world (by her friends waking her). When Lori awakens, Snowy is nowhere to be seen; Christopher suggesting the trap didn't work. Melissa is then impaled through the mouth by Snowy's arm (he's still dressed like Freddy Krueger) and jokingly states that Melissa bit off more than she could chew. As Lori and Christopher run from Snowy, he points out that they should have had a plan for when Snowy came into their world. When they reach the door, Dr. Loompus enters. Lori then explains that Snowy has returned; and he says he has the asylum riddled with explosives. He forces them out the door and orders them to get as far away from the building as possible. So can have 'one more session' with Snowy (to Lori's sadness and dismay). Loompus confronts Snowy in the building and prepares to end Snowy's reign of terror tonight (which only started tonight) and blows up the asylum. Lori is then finally relieved that Snowy is dead "for reals". And along with all the other patients in the hospital. As Christopher annoyingly begins to point out plot-holes in the story, Lori starts to bludgeon him to death with a shovel (which she got from nowhere) while showing signs of insanity and trauma from her experiences.

To be continued


  • He is an evil version of Frosty the Snowman.
  • He is very similer to Jack Frost from the horror movie Jack Frost.
  • The series he stars in makes many references to many different famous horror movies. Most notably, the Halloween series.

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