Snowy Cones Thugs 2

The Snowy Cones Thugs are supporting antagonists of Batman & Robin. They were the foot soldiers working for Mr. Freeze. They're costumed themed was based on hockey; masks, ice skates, and hockey sticks for weapons. Shoulder pads and boots.


They were a hostile group shown to be very ruthless when combating Batman and Robin first at the Gotham Museum when Freeze attempted to steal a diamond while his men held off the Dynamic Duo. Freeze and his men escaped with Freeze flying away in a rocket with Batman and Robin following while the Snowy Cone Thugs escaped.

Later Freeze and his thugs attacked the Gotham Botanical Garden costume ball and the thugs quickly engaged the heroes while Freeze attempted to steal the diamond from Poison Ivy. The thugs later escaped with two of them following Freeze in vehicles. When Freeze drove right off a statue and landed on the roof, the other two followed but did not survive both crashed into the building and Freeze was arrested.

When Mr. Freeze escaped Arkham, he and his thugs set up a base in Ivy's garden lair. As Freeze readied himself for the final battle, the Snowy Cones laughed and cheered as they loaded the equipment to the freezing machine. When the city was freezing Batman, Robin and Batgirl lead the assault to stop them. One of the thugs operated Freeze's ice tank and shot multiple missiles at Batman. He attempted to blast Batman with the ice blast but the hero blocked the strike and directed it back at the tank. The thug jumped out and was subdued by falling snow.

After Freeze was arrested for good the second time, the Snowy Cones Thugs were disbanded either being arrested or leaving Gotham for good.

Known Members

  • Frosty
  • Ms. B. Haven
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