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Snow Man

The Snowman

Stupid dog, prepare to meet your doom!
~ The Snowman

The Snowman was a minor villain in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

The Snowman was a mad scientist who was formally the last of the snow men. He wanted to get the anti-melting gene from a human host, so he kidnapped Muriel and Eustace Bagge. However, Courage defeats him, and he is left frozen in a lake.

He then appeared in "The Snowman's Revenge" where, he turned the Bagge family home into a frozen wasteland using his latest invention called the Cold Finger. He then explains to Courage, that his home in the North Pole was destroyed, due to there being a rip in the ozone layer.

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He survived, but his friends (especially his girlfriend) were not so lucky. He then blames mankind for this life-changing event. Courage later takes a plane to the North Pole, and stitches up the hole, and revives the Snowman's friends. The Snowman then happily leaves with his girlfriend, Ivana. This is especially amazing, since he was one of the few villains to get a happy ending.


  • The Snowman has his own song known as "You Freeze Up My Life" that he sings in "Snowman's Revenge".