Snowball Merriman is an inmate from Bad Girls portrayed by Nicole Faraday.


Snowball Merryman is a beautiful young woman who enters the prison with an American accent, she convinces the prisoners, she is a Hollywood actress, however Yvonne Atkins discovers she is in fact a pornstar. She is dating Yvonne's son Ritchie, and plants a bomb in the prison in order to escape. She is caught at the gate by Karen Betts. The bomb has devastating effects; Barbara "Babs" Hunt goes deaf and Shaz Wiley dies. As a result of the bomb, Snowball becomes the most hated prisoner ever, with even the normally kind-hearted Julies and Tina O'Kane giving her a raw chicken for dinner. Snowball has her hair set on fire by Denny Blood and Shell Dockley. She attempts to escape again, holding Karen at gunpoint. She attempts to shoot Karen outside, but accidentally shoots Ritchie, paralysing him. She is sent back to prison and eats her raw food as an attempt to be sent to hospital, it works and she tries to flee once more but is caught. She is granted a visit from Ritchie, and the both have a suicide pact to overdose on pills, Snowball cannot swallow the pills, Ritchie does, and ends up dying. Snowball eventually commits suicide by hanging herself in front of all the other prisoners.