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Snow White
Snow White
is a beautiful, mean, rude, awful, evil, and spoiled princess on Animaniacs in "Cute First". She wants to be the cutest princess in the world and is furious to discover that Dot is cuter than she is. She planned to throw Dot into the alligator pen but accidentally let go of the edge of the castle and is eaten by the alligators instead.


  • Snow White is also the secret daughter of King Salazar from the Animaniacs movie Wakko's Wish.
  • She has the same name and looks a little like Snow White from the 1937 Disney film, but she's meaner.
  • In Wakko's Wish, Mindy's mom is also Snow White, but a nicer version than this one.
  • This version of Snow White is more similar to the Evil Queen from the movie of the same name; she wanted to be the fairest in the land, and when someone else was more attractive than her, she went out of her way to kill them.

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