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Dtr snow monster

The Snow Monster appears in the video games DuckTales and DuckTales Remastered as the boss of the Himalayas level.

In Remastered, her sounds were supplied by Frank Welker.

The Snow Monster attacks Scrooge in his pursuit to find the crown of Genghis Khan.

In Remastered, after fighting Scrooge McDuck, Webby stopped Scrooge from hurting the Snow Monster any further. It turns out that the Snow Monster was in pain because of a "thorn" in her paw. Scrooge pulled out the "thorn", and it turns out to be the crown of Genghis Khan. The Snow Monster was grateful to Scrooge and company and seemed to take a liking to Launchpad McQuack.


The Snow Monster attacks by jumping around, dropping ice boulders from the ceiling. In Remastered, she jumps around and punches the wall to send down more boulders. Eventually, she will do a sustained pound that will hurt Scrooge if he is on the ground.

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