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The Snow Dancers

The Snow Dancers

The Snow Dancers are secondary adversaries of Sailor Moon S: The Movie (including Hearts in Ice in the English dub's title). They are the minions of Princess Snow Kaguya who freeze cars and people into icebergs by throwing their powers on them, when it snows. They were created when the Princess blew a strong wind from her mouth. They are formed of ice, and are very versatile. They have the ability to fly, teleport, and can even attack after their bodies have been mutilated.

They can also freeze people into blocks of ice, and create duplicate illusions in order to confuse opponents. Because they are made of ice, they shatter easily. They are individually fragile, but can be extremely powerful as a large group. They are all exactly the same, with no individual personalities or character traits. They always are everywhere even as they get defeated.