Snow Cone is one of several prominent villains who appeared in the online parody-comic known as Supermegatopia (SMT for short) as well as related media such as Crushed and Weasel Boy, all of which were created by the Brothers Grin - although the comic has since drifted into limbo the characters have a strong fan-base and several of the Weasel Boy comics have been recovered on wikispace.


Snow Cone is a very obvious parody of Mr. Freeze, much as Weasel Boy is a parody of Robin and Ferret Man a parody of 90s Anti-Heroes such as Punisher.

Believed to be a rogue snowman from the North Pole, Snow Cone arrived in Supermegatopia in the mid-Fifties. After several confrontations with Ferret Man and Mongoose Lad he was thought to be gone for good after his temperature control suit was broken open in the Supermegatopian Desert. Only to reemerge that Christmas to once again fight the heroes in a final confrontation in what turned out to be a very live nativity scene. However escape was not an option this time after Mongoose Lad turned his own cold gun against him and totally immobilized him. Currently Snow Cone is now completing a thirty year sentence in Grey Vault Prison outside Supermegatopia Harbor.