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"That's called cow-tipping! Ha-ha-ha!"

"Whatever. I'll do what I want!"

Eugene Beady (known by Otis and the other animals as Snotty Boy or simply Snotty) is an antagonist from the film Barnyard and the main antagonist in it's spin-off series Back at the Barnyard, . He is a fat, rude, mean, bratty boy who likes tormenting animals. He also has a laugh similar to that of Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons.

In Barnyard, he and his friends are seen cow tipping, much to Otis' dismay. Otis teams up with the Jersey Cows to teach Snotty a lesson. They steal the car of Nora Beady (Snotty's aunt), and drive to Snotty's home. They sneak into his bedroom and tip him over, or as Otis called it, "Boy tipping". Snotty's scream caused his parents to run up to his room, only to see their son petrified as Otis and the Jersey Cows have already escaped.

He appears as a recurring villain in Back at the Barnyard. He is shown to have a pet snake named Stinky McStupidhead, to whom he tried to feed Pip. Pip gets the snake to reform, and he gets vengeance on his cruel owner by swallowing him whole.

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