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Mechanikat's sidekick and secret agent, Snooky is an evil mastermind pastel blue kitten who uses his cuteness and smarts to cause all sorts of trouble for Krypto and the Dog Star Patrol. He later became part of the Supercat Fan Club. Snooky is Mechanikat's most trained agent. Snooky is a male character, although he is voiced by a female, Nicole Bouma.


  • Meet the Dog Stars
  • Dem Bones
  • Top Dog
  • Puss in Space Boots
  • Circus of The Dog Stars
  • Bones of Contention
  • The New Recruit
  • Puppy Problems
  • Switching Sides
  • Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars
  • Growing Pains
  • Join the Club
  • Tusky's Tooth
  • Machina Bot
  • Catopia
  • Solar Specs


According to Brainy Barker, you name it, he's done it. He even stole toys from his brothers.


Snooky uses a lot of Mechanikat's weapons. However, he also has abilities he rarely uses:

  • Spell Collar- With this collar, Snooky can make anyone stronger become his or Mechanikat's loyal minion.
  • Hairballs- Snooky's hairballs can project off of a few surfaces and will explode if it interacts with metal.
  • Claws- Like Isis, Snooky's claws are bigger and sharper than the average cat, and can paralyze his target for a few seconds.
  • Agility- During his fight with Drooly, Snooky was able to dodge all of Drooly's attacks until Drooly used his Drool Tsunami.

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