The Sniper is a tertiary antagonist in the novel Scorpia. He has been paid by SCORPIA to kill Alex Rider because of how he beat Julia Rothman and humiliated them for the first time in their history. SCORPIA never forgives, and SCORPIA never forgets. So, they send a successful Sniper out to gun down Alex and get their revenge. The Sniper is able to dismantle his rifle and put it in a sports bag, and get it across London without any officials or police looking. The Sniper then finds Liverpool Street and he gets on top of the roof, amazed that his operation has been a success so far. The Sniper pictures Alex, and he is close enough to see every detail on him. The Sniper convinces himself that there is nothing to life, that there is no life after death, and that Alex is just an organism made of a heart, lungs, organs and a brain and soon he wil be nothing. The Sniper then prepares for the kill, and makes his rifle one with him, and at the moment Alex comes out of the MI6 building, the Sniper lets fire. He does almost kill Alex, and is very almost successful, but at the last moment, Alex put one foot on the road and the other foot on the pavement, and so the Sniper didn't get as good a shot as he should have done. SCORPIA are very angry when they hear of Alex's survival in hospital, and they have the Sniper is executed.