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Snipe was a villian in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.

Snipe used to be one of Scourge's closest guards. He reconized Barley during the attack on a ThunderClan patrol containing Graystripe and Cloudtail. Barley and Ravenpaw steal thier prey, he has apparently been part of BloodClan for a while because of that encounter. Yet Snipe calls out to him. Barley ignores him and continues to fight. Firestar and Graystripe later question Barley over this ecounter. When a second patrol comes, Snipe and his rogues escape with the prey. When Barley decides to help ThunderClan he tells them the the leader of the rogues was Snipe. He is later seen on guard when Ravenpaw, Violet, and Barley find were the rogues live. When Ice and Snake blamer their followers in an attempt of mercy, he turns on them and Snipe and the rogues drive them out of the BloodClan territorry.