"Oh, is that my little Indian friends I hear coming?"
~ - The Snake chieftain to his underling

The Snakes are the antagonists in the Amazon fable Kiyeko & the Lost Night, and are the antagonists in the computer game based on it. The Snakes are rattlesnakes from the Amazon jungle and hate humanity.

They have a rigid hierarchy, with their leader being the largest and strongest.

The Snakes plan to steal the night from the native Indians and make their lives miserable. They have no real reason for doing this apart from seeming malice.

The Snakes like watching their enemies suffer; they like toying with the Indians and doing pointless bargains with them just so the Indians can get depressed again when the Snakes refuse them.

Each time the Indians try and get the night back, the Snakes try and bribe them with something, liking the game. However, the Snakes are arrogant, and dismiss Kiyeko, the village boy, as any danger, and he befriends one of the Snakes and she starts seeing humans as better than she thought. When she sees the Snake leaders' cruelty and arrogance she has enough and makes off with the night and gives it back to the Indians.