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Snake Woman (ヘビ女 Hebi Onna?, 34 & 35) is a snake monster who has ability to bloodsucking and makes human who looking her eyes to follow her order with snake-like appearance until the red scale on victim head is removed. Unlike other previous Delza First Majin Team, she doesn't interested leading Delza Army even if she defeats Stronger as she only does her best for Shadow's sake. Her cape also has ability to drain energy as it seen when she throw it to Kamen Rider Stonger until Kamen Rider V3 returned from Egypt and remove her cape from Kamen Rider Stronger. Destroyed by Stronger (Charge Up)'s Super Electro Big Wheel Kick.

All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!

Later returned as part of a Revived Kaijin Corps. These revived kaijin were destroyed by the 7 Riders.

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