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A snake, am I? Perhaps you'd like to see how snake-like I can be!
~ Jafar transforming into Snake Jafar.
Snake Jafar was a snake form of Jafar from Disney's 1992 feature film Aladdin. Jafar boasts that he is "the most powerful being on Earth", which causes Aladdin to call him a cowardly snake. As a twisted reply to that insult, Jafar turns into a snake. Aladdin and Jafar are fighting until Aladdin convinces him that Genie is more powerful than he will ever be. Faced with this realization, Jafar uses his final wish to become Genie Jafar.


Snake Jafar is a giant black and orange cobra serpent with red eyes and red stripes on his back.

Power and Abilities

In large part because of Jafar's sorcerer status, Snake Jafar was capable of constricting his foes. In addition, he also possessed a large amount of stamina: Despite being stabbed more than a few times by Aladdin, he managed to recover quickly before constricting the latter.



During a battle, Jafar decides to turn himself into a snake in order to kill Aladdin easily. Jafar is stabbed twice and just when Jafar nearly squeezes Aladdin to death Aladdin tricks him into wishing to be a genie.

Aladdin: The Game

In both versions of the Aladdin video game, Snake Jafar is the final boss.

The Frollo Show

Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

Snake Jafar makes an appearance in The Frollo Show in the episode Frollo Beats Up Resident Evil. In part 4, Jafar became this form so he could stop Frollo and Stocking but was defeated. Yusuf did the same thing, but was stopped by Samuel L. Jackson.

Disney Parks


Jafar turns himself into his snake form in the live show Fantasmic! in his attempt to destroy Mickey Mouse.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Genie Jafar summons an apparition of his snake form to battle the guests at the entrance to the Cave of Wonders in his Adventureland mission.



  • Jafar's reason for taking this form is exactly the same reason why Maleficent took her dragon form: they both wanted to kill the hero in a much larger, more threatening form.
  • Snake Jafar, for some reason, doesn't appear to have a lower body.
  • For some reason, Snake Jafar doesn't even appear in the Kingdom Hearts games at all. Instead, Jafar actually goes straight to becoming a genie.
  • Similarly, some tie-in storybooks based on the film also simply skip the entire snake transformation altogether: in those cases, he is either fought as a human and/or again simply goes straight to becoming a genie.
  • Jafar possibly turned into a cobra because they are poisonous and live where the movie takes place.

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