Snake was a drug dealer who appeared in a public service announcement that was trying to teach potential drug users that drugs are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. This public service announcement in particular could be used as a Scare Em Straight tactic which was probably what the producers of the PSA were aiming for.

In the PSA

1980's snake drug PSA

1980's snake drug PSA

Snake, advertising his supply of drugs.

After he sells some drugs to a group of children, Snake turns around and talks to the viewer stating that they knew who he was. He then tells them to send their parents away and begins to advertise a variety of drugs to them from crack, dope and much more. He also tells the viewers that they would risk anything to get their fix, even stealing from their mothers, lying, and cheating on their homeboys. As he's moving closer to the screen, he begins to morph into a more nonhuman shape. He asks the viewer if he would really do something like that to them. The light then clears, and reveals that he took on a serpentine form. He then flicks his tongue out and hisses "Yes" in a low snakelike tone.


  • He has no known weaknesses. However, he could possibly have similar weaknesses to vampires and werewolves such as holy symbols and sunlight being harmful to him.