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Give me a 186. That's a number 2 93 times.
~ The Snake as he eats his combo meal.

The Snake is one of the main villains in the final four episodes of Lobo: Webseries. He has huge drives for eating and ate Lobo's 20,000 credit quarry, Mudboy.


The Snake currently runs Oblivion Intergalactic Correctional Facility. He noticed a Porkan criminal named Mudboy escaped prison and the Snake ate the Porkan. The Snake went to a mall at a nearby planet and ate 93 combo meals for lunch. Lobo came across the reptile and told him that with Bo's tracking device, it reads that the Snake is the Porkan. The Snake asks the Main Man what does he look like. Lobo replies, "My Johnson with herpes!" as he attacks the reptile until the reptile explains that he ate Mudboy. Lobo forced the Snake to throw up his food and the ten commandments. As a deal, Lobo wanted the Snake to eat his four useless Space Penguins. The Snake eats the penguins in delight as Lobo leaves.


The Snake is a reptilian alien that has a long tail, two arms, two legs and green skin.


The Snake can eat unlimited amounts of food and objects that won't be digested until six weeks later.


  • "Give me a 186."
  • "Yesssss, you do. That'ssss a number 2 93 times."
  • "What are you, a cop?"
  • "Porkansss are swine wine."
  • "What do I look like to you?"
  • "You can't have Mudboy. He's gone."
  • "I ate him. Delicious."
  • "I run the jails here. Mudboy got busted and I was his executioner."
  • "He won't be digested for another six weeks."
  • "There's nothing left to eat!"


  • The Snake is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • He is the only major Lobo Webseries villain to survive.


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