Five Deadly Venoms (Wu Du) Classic Kung Fu10:00

Five Deadly Venoms (Wu Du) Classic Kung Fu

I came from a wealthy family. I've joined the clan because I wanted to learn a special kung-fu, be a real expert, but in actual fact, I've just become a killer. Killings : That all I know. Damn. Every day. Another. When Liang Shen died, it was the first time I felt it prick my conscience. Then to hide that one, we've killed again : First Wong Fa and then Ling Xuong.
~ Snake, to the Scorpion

Snake is an antagonist in the 1978 Martial Arts film "5 Deadly Venoms". He was portrayed by Pai Wei


Snake was the second student of the Venoms Clan, trained beside Centipede. Snake was unique in the clan because he was already rich before ever joining the clan, which he joined only to learn amrtial arts and seek adventure.After retiring, Snake took the name Qi Dong and remained closely tied with the Cenipede. He partcipated in the killing of an entire family with Centipede after the master of the Clan died, though he found no informationas to the location of the treasure.

Snake also worked to intimidate the witness of Centipede's murder, as well as killing both the witness and the doctor. Snake also encountered Scorpion on multiple occasions, often calling him on his secret identity and seemingly irrational orders.

Near the end of the movie, Snake discerned that Scorpion was Constable Ma the whole time, and upon telling Scorpion, was stabbed by him multiple times. As Scorpion and Centipede fought Gecko and Yiang , Snake was able to regain just enough strength to kill Scorpion.


Of the villains in 5 Deadly Venoms, Snake was the most remourseful, likely because he didn't see any need to actually gain wealth. He also seemed more intelligent than his partner, The Centipede, and more willing to rebel against the Scorpion.

Snake was trained in thh Snake style of the 5 Venoms clan, striking with his right hand (the "bite") while grappling with his left(the "tail").