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Snaga is the minor antagonist in Lord of the Rings.


A scout in the band of Ocrs that meet Uglúk's group and their captives Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took in The Two Towers. Killed by Ugluk and cannibalized by the other Uruk-hai. Snaga was an Orc brought by Grishnakh to help him gain control of Merry and Pippin and bring them to Mordor. Hunger for fresh meat eventually overcame his limited discipline. He eventually tried to get "Just a mouthful" of the two captured hobbits by sneaking in behind Ugluk, who was making sure the captives got to Isengard unharmed and unspoiled. Ugluk, after shouting at Snaga that they were not for eating, ended up cutting Snaga's head off, therefore providing his company with "fresh meat".

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