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Smythe was a minor villain in the 1995 film Braveheart. He was played by a British actor Michael Byrne.

Smythe was an English commanding officer who, along with his troops, was responsible for guarding the town of Lanark. He was first seen during Lord Bottoms' invasion at Morrison's wedding. He caught a glimpse of Murron MacClannough, William Wallace's wife, and was attracted by her beauty.

Some time later when sitting down in Lanark, Smythe saw Murron again and tried to make a pass at her. After refusing, Smythe, along with two of his soldiers, tried to rape her inside a hut. Murron managed to fight back until Wallace rescued her and knocked Smythe out. After shouting for help, the other soldiers pursued Wallace and managed to recapture Murron. The local magistrate then slit Murron's throat as an attempt to lure Wallace back in town. Even Smythe seemed disgusted by this.

Later when Wallace and his friends had a battle with Lanark troops, Smythe was killed by Hamish Campbell when he stabbed him in the back with his axe after attempting to slash Wallace from behind.

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